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Skin Peels

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What are Skin Peels

Chemical peels utilise the exfoliating properties of naturally occurring acids to achieved skin that is smoother in texture and more evenly pigmented by stimulating new cell growth and collagen production revealing a brighter, fresher, clearer skin.

At Ahmeys Clinic we offer a range of industry-leading skin peels that involves adding a non-toxic chemical solution to the skin which removes the top layer of dead skin cells and encourages new cell growth revealing a smoother, softer skin beneath.

Our Range of Skin Peels treat a variety of conditions


No matter what the cause e.g. sun damage, aging, or superficial scarring. Regular skin peels can help

Uneven Skin Tone

Regular skin peels can help transform your skin into even canvas.


As a port of wider plan skin peels can really help minimise symptoms


Skin peels can delay and keep at bay the onset of wrinkles on the face, neck, and hands.

Before and After Skin Treatments treatment

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Skin Peel FAQs

“What is in a Skin Peel?”

Skin peels contain naturally occurring compounds that contribute to inducing exfoliation and accelerating the cell cycle. There is a range of skin peels that produce a varying level of exfoliation to treat different conditions classed as light, medium, or deep.

“What results should I expect from a skin peel?”

  1. Rejuvenated and brighter skin
  2. Even skin tone and texture
  3. Hydrated and nourished skin
  4. Removal of dead cells
  5. Smoother and softer skin
  6. Collagen production revealing a more youthful-looking skin
  7. Eliminated pigmentation and reduced effects of sun damage

Your clinician will discuss the results you can expect. You will notice an improvement in your overall complexion after your first skin peel.

“What happens at a skin peel consultation?”

During the consultation, our practitioners will discuss and advise on the most suitable type of peel for you and you will receive a tailored treatment plan to achieve optimum results.

“Where on my body can I have a skin peel?”

Our range of skin peels can be used on almost all parts of the body. We offer specific peels for the face, hands, neck, and décolletage.

“Are skin peels safe?”

Yes, our skin peels are completely safe and undergo stringent testing on all skin types and tones firstly by the manufacturers, our medical standards team, and finally during the training of practitioners.

“What is my skin type?”

Below are the criteria for the Fitzpatrick skin type scale

Skin TypeAppearanceReaction to sun exposure
Type 1Very fair; blond or red hair; light-colored eyes; freckles common.Always burns never tans
Type 2Fair-skinned; light eyes; light hairBurns Easily
Type 3Very common skin type; fair; eye and hair color cariesSometimes burns gradually tans
Type 4Mediterranean Caucasian skin; medium to heavily pigmentedRarely burns, always tans.
Type 5Black skin; Mideastern skin; rarely sun sensitiveTans
Type 6Black skin rarely sun sensitiveTans easily

“How will I feel during a skin peel treatment?”

A non-toxic chemical solution is applied to the skin surface and absorbed releasing active acid components that work from within the skin. This treatment can be used on delicate areas around the lips and eyes.

“Is a skin peel treatment right for me?”

If your looking to give your skin a fresh start this treatment is ideal for you. Skin peels can be used to treat a whole range of skin complaints including wrinkles, fine lines, acne, age spots, acne scarring, and sun-damaged skin.

“What happens after a skin peel?”

After the first treatment, you will notice improvements. Your skin will feel softer and will look subtly younger.

Further regular treatments will ensure the desired results and at Ahmeys clinic we pride ourselves on having a supportive aftercare regime tailored to the individual to ensure you get the desired results.

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