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Digestive problems during pregnancy

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Digestive issues during Pregnancy

Pregnancy brings about many new changes and sensations that can be quite unsettling and even frightening at times. The body’s adjustments are a way to make room for your baby and preparing your system to accommodate this big change.

Your physical appearance will change but there are also many internal changes. The gastrointestinal system or the digestive tract is an important system as it is the channel that provides nutrition to both the mother and the foetus. There are certain changes that affect the digestive system during pregnancy.

The change in hormone levels and the growing foetus putting pressure on your stomach can result in such things as trapped wind, indigestion, constipation and stomach pain.

Many of these changes are natural and normal and can be alleviated with certain exercises and diet changes. However, if you are exhibiting any symptoms that you are concerned about, our healthcare professionals are on hand to answer any outstanding questions you may have and action further testing and medication to ease symptoms and ensure you or your baby is not at risk.

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Providing NHS services

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