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Gynaecological Problems during Pregnancy

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Gynaecological problems during pregnancy

Physical and hormonal changes are to be expected in the initial stages of pregnancy onwards.

It is important to keep your gynaecological health in check and go for proper follow-ups with your midwife or doctor.

Some changes are natural and normal and nothing to be worried about. For example, some pregnant women do experience vaginal discharge and light vaginal bleeding during pregnancy.

Although relatively common, and not necessarily an indicator of a problem or issue, they could be a sign of an infection (e.g., thrush) or in some cases, something much more serious.

You can walk in or book an appointment to see us and explain your symptoms or any concerns you may have. We can provide treatment for minor infections and refer you to a doctor or midwife for a further vaginal or pelvic examination if needed.

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Providing NHS services

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