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Fluconazole is used to treat the fungus infection, thrush. Thrush is a common yeast infection in women, but can also affect men.


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Fluconazole is used to treat a fungus infection called thrush. Thrush is a common yeast infection in women that shows itself through itching of the vagina and surrounding area, redness and swelling, soreness and a white non-smelling vaginal discharge.

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It’s an infection that can be aggravated by sexual intercourse, although it is not a sexually transmitted disease. However, it can sometimes be passed to your partner and this is known as penile thrush (for which Fluconazole can treat).

Fluconazole works to treat thrush as it is an antifungal medication. It stops the growth of the yeast known as Candida and helps to restore the natural health of your genitals.

Thrush can be an uncomfortable and unpleasant infection that can cause pain and irritation when left untreated. Taking Fluconazole to clear it up is a quick and simple solution and allows you to return to a healthy state where sex and daily life are much better.

Fluconazole is an over-the-counter product that does not require a prescription, meaning you can buy it online easily. It’s an oral medication that should be swallowed whole, with water.

Alongside taking the Fluconazole, there are a number of lifestyle aspects to helping to clear thrush (and staying clear of it). Wear cotton underwear, avoid very hot, heavily perfumed baths and wash daily to maintain health.

The standard capsules are a 150mg dosage of Fluconazole and the packs contain only a single capsule. One dose should be enough to clear thrush within 7 days, but if it doesn’t then you should contact your doctor. You should also contact your doctor if you take above the standard dose, or if your symptoms worsen or have still not gone after 7 days.

If symptoms clear up but then return after 7 days, you can take another capsule (provided you didn’t have a negative or allergic reaction the first time). However, if you have more than two separate counts of thrush in six months then you should contact your doctor.

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