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Skin Conditions

The clinicians at Ahmey's can treat almost everything and would be happy to consult

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Skin conditions and disorders affect millions of people across the world.

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Skin conditions can be uncomfortable, painful or unsightly and can be either temporary or permanent.

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While not every skin conditions can be cured, there are treatments available to alleviate symptoms and help successfully manage conditions.

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[ac_data_card title="Acne" body="Acne is a condition associated with puberty and can result in spots on the face and neck and body" link="" bcolor="ac-border-blue"]

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[ac_data_card title="Cold Sores" body="When tingling around the neck creates a blister,a cold sore is born.Unsightly but entirely treateable" link="" bcolor="ac-border-blue"]

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[ac_data_card title="Dry Skin" body="Uncomfortable and sometimes embarrassing but entirely treatable." link="" bcolor="ac-border-blue"]

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[ac_data_card title="Eczema" body="Causes the skin to become inflamed resulting in itchiness, dryness and cracking." link="" bcolor="ac-border-blue"]

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[ac_data_card title="Foot infection" body="Tempting to ignore but quickly worsening if left untreated,seek medical advice for suspected foot infections ASAP" link="" bcolor="ac-border-blue"]

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[ac_data_card title="Fungal Skin Infection" body="Easily treatable in most cases,but may need to make changes to avoid repeat infections." link="" bcolor="ac-border-blue"]

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[ac_data_card title="Hives" body="Refer to a red, raised rash coming in two distinct forms,one much more common than the other." link="" bcolor="ac-border-blue"]

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[ac_data_card title="Impetigo" body="Common in children and infants,though capable of passing to adults. Impetigo is highly contagious." link="" bcolor="ac-border-blue"]

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[ac_data_card title="Itchy Scalp" body="Can result from several conditions, but causes the appearance of visible flakes either in hair or clothing." link="" bcolor="ac-border-blue"]

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[ac_data_card title="Ring Worm" body="Common infection caused by fungus, rather than a parasite, producing a ring-shaped rash." link="" bcolor="ac-border-blue"]

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[ac_data_card title="Rosacea" body="Causes the face to become red and irritated but fear not,there are plenty of treatment options available at Ahmeys." link="" bcolor="ac-border-blue"]

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[ac_data_card title="Warts" body="Small,rough lumps on the hands or feet. Very common, usually get better on their own." link="" bcolor="ac-border-blue"]

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When it comes to skin conditions, there is a range of symptoms that present themselves.

These commonly include:

  • Peeling skin
  • Cracked skin
  • Dry skin
  • Moles that change colour, shape or size
  • Red and white bumps
  • Rashes
  • Sores

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Although some skin conditions do not seem to have a direct cause, there are other skin conditions that occur or are triggered by a variety of reasons, which include:


  • Bacterial infection
  • Fungal infection
  • A virus
  • A weak immune system
  • An allergic reaction
  • Lifestyle factors
  • Food

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Treatment and Prevention

Treatment and prevention start with seeking expert advice, which Ahmeys clinicians are well placed to provide. Ahmeys healthcare professionals are aware of how distressing and debilitating skin conditions can be and will approach the subject sensitively and sympathetically, offering the appropriate support and treatment you need.

Treatments can include a course of:

  • Antibiotics
  • Antihistamines
  • Anti-fungal medication
  • Steroid medication

Our walk-in centre is open 7 days a week from Monday to Saturday, 9am-7pm and Sundays, 11am-5pm.

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Private Healthcare & Skin Clinic In Oxford

We have gathered an elite team of experienced medical practitioners that oxford has to offer for all your skin and health care needs.

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150 A Oxford Road
Cowley, Oxford, OX4 2EA

[email protected]
01865 689 149


Faheem Ahmed

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Our clinicians would be more than happy to help.

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Visit us at:
158 Oxford Road
Cowley, Oxford, OX4 2LA
Contact us at:
[email protected]
01865 689 149

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Jackie Nakate
Jackie Nakate
professional and lovely staff. The staff was super helpful and also called just to make sure I got my results without any mistakes.
Dimitris Kolokouris
Dimitris Kolokouris
Went for a fit to fly PCR test. The staff were incredibly polite and helpful. They took special care to get my flight credentials correct and had my test result to me within less than a day. They guarantee to get your result the next day (even over weekends). Overall good service, I would recommend.
Margherita Davoli
Margherita Davoli
I went today for a covid rapid- antigen test for travelling. Excellent service, they also gave me a pdf with the certificate for travelling, both paper and via email.
Elena Razzano
Elena Razzano
I went to the clinic for a Covid Swab test: the nurse has been very professional and careful, the service has been perfect, fast and the certificate compliant for the fit to fly. I highly recommend this service and I will definitely use it again.
Aloise Fiala-Murphy
Aloise Fiala-Murphy
Very good service, just did a PCR test for travelling. Helpful, on time and easy.
Susanne Mecklenburg
Susanne Mecklenburg
Super service, competent, friendly, quick turn around of the results - really helpful. I can recommend it!
Michael Chipeta
Michael Chipeta
Had Covid-19 fit to fly test. Results came promptly, in record time. Impressed with the service.
Shengpan Zhang
Shengpan Zhang
Excellent service, very friendly and reliable
Kan Li
Kan Li
Excellent people to work with! Great service, prompt communication, flexible schedule, and very reasonable price. 100/100 recommend for all kinds of fit-for-travel testing.